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The result is a graphic reflection of your project with logo development

in font and image and everything else

that is necessary ...

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Individually handmade papers from different plant fibres .

Personalized formats and shapes according to the application with watermarks, incorporated materials or/and...

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From business cards, stationery,

leaflets, posters,
labels over invitations,
menus, packaging , games,
postcards, CD covers,
personalized letter up to book and brochure layout and ...


For start-ups and small businesses,

exhibitions, installations,

parties, festivals or events and

all those who need creative support

for their project ...

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Transformation of the developed

creative concept into the

virtual communication world ...

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Coloured or plain .

Black or white .

Abstract or plastic .

Engraving or stamp .
With pen, pen and brush
or ...

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Objective and poetic

in German, English, French...


Realization of analog and

digital sensations ...

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  Let us experiment and create together

with our hands and hearts ...


I create intuitively .
I try to feel my conterpart . To sense and understand the need and the individuality, to integrate both into the creation process and find the appropriate expression . I try to make my creations an experience . To make them come alive through their own story they tell, how we discover them emotionally or haptically and with which senses we explore them . I try to give them a diverse life in which they can be used and consumed with dignity . My utensils and materials are mainly procured from various sources of reuse and recycling or directly from nature .
It is important to me to be aware of my responsibility and which effects my actions have on me, my environment and our earth . In constant change, in constant flow - describing a constant cycle .

To value the beauty of transience . To dignify the magic of becoming .

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Of course, the process is adapted to the individual needs of each project .
Here only the rough procedure at a glance .


Who are you ? What's your idea ? What's your goal ? Meet me - no matter where - I may also come to you, discover your environment and we discuss your project .


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We develop your creative concept according to your needs .
We make decisions and define your graphic reflection .


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I will give over the planted project into your hands . I will provide you

with some advice, instruct you in certain communication measures or your website and we philosophize about the future . Now it's up to you to cultivate your life project . Of course I am still at  your side if

you need me !



Now it is time for the haptic creative process.
We create and manufacture what is to be created and manufactured - in your indivudual way . We also choose your form and channels of communication .


May your planted life project blossom full of

hope and spread seeds of love .


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Each creative project is unique and requires an individual calculation, depending on energy expenses, workload and material costs .

That's why I like to calculate the remuneration for and with everyone personally ...

For our first meeting " 1st curiosity " I only ask for a compensation of the travel costs as well as your hospitality .