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I am Franzi, creative child, nature soul and herb whitch .
I have acquired my abilities, which I offer in this context, mainly through my family and my genetic creative heritage . In addition, I completed a graphic design education as a 'communication designer' in Munich and studied 'design and product management' in Austria and Milan. I also learn and absorb continuously from wonderful people, various workshops, adventurous expressions and most importantly from life itself . At the moment I live and love in France, but

I also create in Italy, Austria and my 'roots country' Germany.
In recent years it has become more and more important to me to reveal my personal core more and more .

To expose layer by layer . To give my true self more attention and space . To observe me, how I change, develop and grow day by day . To listen to my inner voice - to feel what feels "right" to me and thus to swing and dance to the beat of my natural rhythm of life . To trust my intuition and to recognize and understand my own needs . It is very important to me to take care of my body and to support it in its healing . It is home to my soul, connects it with this wonderful earth and integrates me into the cycle of nature. I love to occupy myself with life, to create it, to cultivate it .

To appreciate the many small miracles in its simplicity, to underline them and let them blossom . Ever since I was little I have had this love for everything subtle - that which is invisible to the eye but can be felt with the heart . I have a deep sensitivity and a strong imagination, which enables me to connect very quickly with people, objects,

places or ideas . To recognize their unique nature, their potential and their individual beauty .


Besides I cooperate and work with my heartpartner . Within the framework of our association 'Derrière le lierre'

Behind the Ivy) we participate in many different art and cultural projects .
Either as organizers, designers, creators, craftsmen, artists or ...

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You may be yourself. Just as you are .
Allow it yourself . Trust yourself .
You are wonderful .

These words are meant to encourage you...
Today we live an everyday culture that is often far removed from our human nature and the nature of our earth . On the one hand humanity 'knows' more than ever before, but on the other hand we 'know' so little about ourselves, our own bodies and our earth with all its rhythms, phases and cycles. We learn so much, we read even more and we consume continuously . We lose ourselves in the abundance of this offer . A feeling of weightlessness, numbness, uprootedness, a misunderstanding of our own true needs arises in us . This hurts our soul . In this pain we go on a search . Searching outside for answers to the question 'Who am I?' and
'What is the meaning of my existence? We search and search .
But we will find no one and nothing who will answer this answer. Because only we ourselves can answer the answer -

by living the question . Because how can we find something that is already there ?
--- We are who we are, otherwise we would be different .

--- The meaning of our existence is that we are here, otherwise we would not be here .
Everything is there - everything is in us . Here and now .

Let us not be distracted by all the external influences that are often presented and lived to us as "right and important". Let us free ourselves from this self-imposed corset . Let us breathe and live with our full capacity . It is so healing to be 'free' for all that is present . We have a wonderful body here on earth that lets us experience the present moment by moment and guides us with its senses, helps us to be here and now between yesterday and tomorrow. Because only the present moment is perceptible for our senses . We only see the images of the now . We hear only the sounds of the now . We only smell the smells of the now . We taste only the delicacies of the now . We feel only the touches of the now . We only live now . From moment to moment . Everything else are memories or projections of our senses . Let's arrive - in our present . Let us listen to ourselves . Let us give ourselves attention and patience . Let us discover our true wishes, desires and needs . Let us experiment, play and discover ourselves . Let's trust our intuition and be honest with ourselves in order to ... simply be ourselves .

Everybody in his own way, uniquely beautiful .

Let us do what we love and love what we do .

Let us recognize and accept our personal gift of life .

Let's live it .

The adventure has already begun ...